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Hurricane Laura causes Billions in damages for the state of Louisiana

On August 25th 2020, the people of Louisiana faced one of the biggest hurricanes to hit the state since 1856. Hurricane Laura was the first major hurricane in 2020 to hit the state, and at her peak Laura was hitting winds of 150 miles per hours, a mere 7 miles/hour shy from being a category 5 hurricane. Unsurprisingly, Laura blazed through many Louisiana cities, starting with Montgomery county, and caused between $4 Billion - $12 Billion in damages for the state. Cars, buildings, and property were demolished from the storm which left many coming back home only to find nothing but rubble and debris. Over 600,000 people in Louisiana alone are left with no running water or electricity during Louisiana’s peak humidity. City governments have already stated it would take weeks for them to restore power and water back to homes and buildings not destroyed by Laura.

On top of all of this, the people of Louisiana must face the damages left by Laura during a global pandemic, which left many already without jobs and struggling to make ends meet. Times are very tough for the people of Louisiana, and with FEMA and other emergency response teams stretching themselves thin with helping other states with the pandemic response, there are still many waiting for aid.

The world is currently going through so many disasters, from nationwide protests against police brutality, to the presidential election of 2020, and schools starting during the pandemic, it seems that every angle of the nation has a different fight to battle. Now more than ever should we stand closer to our neighbors that are left without food, water, and shelter. Click here if you would like to donate to UNICEF USA's Hurricane Laura Relief Fund.

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