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What is going on with the USPS?

 As we approach the November presidential election, the Center for Disease and Control has recommended submitting mail-in-ballots to avoid being exposed to COVID-19. Furthermore, the already vital system of the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be critical to fulfilling this expected increase in mail-in-ballots due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, on August 6th, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy announced widespread changes that would alter the structure of the leadership within USPS. 23 executives have either resigned or been displaced, this includes 2 who oversaw day-to-day operations of the organization. USPS has also put in place a management hiring freeze and have requested volunteers for early retirement. 

All of these actions are in addition to changes made earlier in the Summer that prohibited overtime and made changes to traditional delivery policies. Everything mentioned amounts to a system that is not able to handle the huge demand for mail-in ballots coming soon and even the basic needs Americans expect to be satisfied during a pandemic; from mail to medicine to Census forms, Americans can no longer feel safe that their necessities will arrive on time or at all. The low-cost postal service is also important to those who cannot afford more expensive options.

Please find options below that you can do to help the at-risk United States Postal Service from failing to deliver on the needs of Americans: 

Purchase Stamps

A simple and easy way to help fund the USPS is by buying stamps! The USPS does not receive any tax-payer funds and rely on selling stamps and other shipping supplies for revenue. You can buy stamps from the extensive collection the USPS has here

Vote Early

With the mass scale of mail-in ballots being sent that is expected during the upcoming election, voting early can ease the pressure of service that falls on USPS and its employees. You can visit to explore your state's rules for early voting. 

Contacting your Congressional Representative

Reaching out and voicing your support for the USPS and its funding to your representative in Congress or the Senate is key to letting them know how their constituents feel about the situation. Though they may have already voiced their support, they would still like to hear from you. Call or email to show your support for the USPS. You can search and find your representative's contact information here 

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