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Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit coalition of cannabis industry leaders, executives, and artists dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry. 

LPP was founded out of the belief that if anyone is able to profit and build wealth in the legal cannabis industry, those individuals must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization.

As the United States moves away from the criminalization of cannabis, giving rise to a major new industry, there remains the fundamental injustice inflicted upon those who have suffered criminal convictions and the consequences of those convictions. At the Last Prisoner Project, they utilize a three-pronged approach to securing FULL freedom for the communities they serve. Through intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns the Last Prisoner Project works to redress the past and continuing harms of these unjust laws and policies. 

They believe that anyone profiting from or freely engaging in the legal cannabis industry has a moral imperative to work towards restorative justice. No one should remain incarcerated or continue to suffer the collateral consequences of prohibition and the War on Drugs which has and continues to disproportionately impact communities of color                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

You can support the Last Prisoner Project and their fight against mass incarceration by donating here, visiting their website and buying our Cannabis Injustice' Grow Comfort Tee with 15% of all sales going directly to supporting and raising awareness of the Last Prisoner Project's efforts. 

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