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November 2020 Charity of the Month - Austin Street Center


According to the Dallas City Hall website, more than 300,000 Dallas residents live in poverty, and over 600,000 live in housing distressed households. With only 2,000+ beds from Dallas shelters, Dallas surely has a mountain of work on a daily basis to accommodate for those less fortunate, and with another deadly wave of Covid-19 picking up again this winter, things can get very messy for these shelters. To put matters even worse, since the pandemic started in March, Texas had to shut down it’s businesses for a brief period of time. Following the shutdown many counties (including Dallas) held occupational rules for businesses in the months that followed. With limiting factors that deter Texas from conducting its usual course of business, it’s no wonder the sales tax revenue-which is the largest source of funding for the state government- is down 6% from September of last year. Where spending decreased, unemployment increased in Texas, reaching numbers higher than the national average, respectively. With many variables that mix with the economic state of Texas, the recipe for disaster is in the making near the end of the year, and the already struggling shelters may be in way for their heads for the following months that follow. 

One of the more notable Dallas shelters is Austin Street Center located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Austin Street Center is regarded as the largest low barrier shelter that serves men over the age of 45 and women over the age of 18. Since its founding year of 1983, Austin Street Center has been fighting to provide safe shelter and meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable homeless. While their primary objective is to provide a roof over their head, those that are homeless are treated with a comprehensive program to assist with education, job search, mental health, and addiction.

As a part of Grow Together’s efforts to support the fight against homelessness, and the fight for racial inequality, we are donating 10% of all sales of the Grow Together Collection in the month of November to Austin Street Center